How it Works!

SNDOK platform is available for consumers and suppliers in both stores.

    Suppliers can register on the platform by submiting their CR for verification

  • Auctions

    Suppliers has the appility to add any auction in any categories

  • Recieve Payments

    You can recieve your payment directly to your bank account


    You don't need to handle the hassle of shipping fresh food

  • Requests

    You as supplier can admit on consumer request based on their needs

  • Tracking

    Track your performance and get insights from SNDOK


    Signup smoothly and securily with your mobile number and get enrolled right away


    Search and filter the platform for any desired categories of fresh food


    Add your bid on any auction, and get notified if out bid by someone


    Buy now immediately any product without waiting for auction to end


    Pay online smoothly and securly using all types of online payments


    Track your shippment and get notified by it's status


We are always here to help and support, our platform support sending complains about shipment and a direct chat with one of our agents.


What SNDOK offer for users ?

SNDOK offer an APP that is free to download from both stores, SNDOK solve the problem of both supplier who need to sell their fresh food and consumer who want to purchase fresh food online, or request fresh food with special orders for restuarant owners/hotels, SNDOK is digitalizng the proccess of selling by allowing supplier to add auctions or serve consumer request, SNDOK solved the equation by connecting the dots through the platform.

  • How Bidding Works?

    Supplier adds a start price, and a buy now price for immediate purchase for consumers, consumers start bidding above the start price, and each consumer should add a higher price for bidding.

  • How can I receive my money as a supplier?

    In supplier verification process bank information is being added, after a successful transaction and shipment, a wire transfer is being done from SNDOK to supplier account.

  • How can I receive my shipment?

    SNDOK operates with shipment courier services that support transferring fresh food to your door steps, a same day delivery services is provided.

  • What if i didn't recieve my shipment?

    We at SNDOK hold the payment and don't deliver it to suppliers until the user confirm the deliver, we also have a verification process for our suppliers.

  • What is adding a request?

    If you own a restaurant or manage a hotel, or even need a fresh food and don't need the auction game we made it vice versa too, add your request and get the best offer from multiple suppliers.

SNDOK is a KSA based startup that aims to digitalize fresh food industry. Download SNDOK today to make requests and get fresh food on your door

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